Getty Proponents of continued cannabis prohibition have long exaggerated the harmful effects of driving while high. When states started legalizing recreational cannabis a few years ago, the debate heated up even more. RT America reports that a recent study done by the automotive giant AAA has proven what cannabis users have been saying since the […]

The 6th International Jerusalem Conference on Health Policy, held May 23-25, provided a platform for exploring the dynamic evolution of health policy worldwide and acknowledging its complex, uncertain and interactive nature. Pesach Shvartzman, one of Israel’s leading family physicians and a prominent expert in both pain control and palliative medicine, took this opportunity to unveil […]

The researchers were inspired by the illegal practice of “dabbing.” Scientists at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland say that electronic cigarettes could provide a safe and effective way to deliver cannabis for medicinal purposes. The researchers were inspired by the illegal practice of “dabbing,” which involves smoking concentrated doses of cannabis — butane hash […]

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Electronic cigarettes can be a safe and effective way to deliver cannabis for medicinal purposes, according to researchers in Switzerland. Scientists at the University of Lausanne created cannabis-laden oils for e-cigarettes and found that vaping the infusions could deliver useful levels of the active ingredients found in cannabis. The team claims that “therapeutic cannavaping”, would […]

Study links drug taking to nearly a third of suicides among young people Found 29% of those under 20 who killed themselves had taken illegal drugs More than three-quarters had used cannabis in weeks before their death Adds to the growing evidence of links between cannabis and mental illness By Steve Doughty, Social Affairs Correspondent […]

Using cannabis could alter a person’s DNA structure, and a mechanism has been identified by scientists from The University of Western Australia. The alterations may cause mutations, which can expose people to serious illnesses, and be passed on to their children and several future generations. Although a possible association between cannabis use and severe illnesses […]