Positive health outcomes like opioid replacement aren’t the only changes researchers will be tracking after legalization. “The obvious thing in Canada would be to monitor for things like hospital admissions for psychosis and schizophrenia,” says Robin Murray, a professor of psychiatric research at King’s College London. Cannabis is very safe in the patterns most adults […]

Image Courtesy of CannaKids Back in December of 2016, we had the pleasure of interviewing some of the incredible professionals and philanthropists at CannaKids about their annual toy drive and holiday event, which raises thousands of dollars for families with sick children. Now, the California-based cooperative is at the center of another touching and groundbreaking […]

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:CNBX) has received the final reports, from its ongoing research conducted on the anti-tumor properties of cannabinoids, conducted at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. The company noted that they made use of High Throughput Screening, to analyze the results. CNBX revealed that the results clearly indicated that their compounds caused “programmed […]

The world’s first multidisciplinary center for marijuana has been opened at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, with the purpose of exploring the plant’s therapeutic potential. Image via Pixabay. The medicinal properties of cannabis have been touted for a long time, and yet we know surprisingly little about what cannabis can actually do inside the body. […]

QUINCY — Well-known medical cannabis advocate Dr. Alan Shackelford gave doctors, nurses and other medical professionals a firsthand look Thursday night at what marijuana can do for chronic conditions. The Denver doctor and cannabis researcher opened his presentation with a brief biography and a video of 5-year-old Charlotte Figi, the youngest patient he has treated […]

The Multidisciplinary Centre on Cannabinoid Research, announced by the university on Wednesday, will be staffed by leading scientists and doctors, including the Israeli chemistry professor considered the father of cannabis research. It will conduct and coordinate research on cannabis and its biological effects with an eye toward commercial applications. “There is so much interest in cannabis at the […]

(CNS): After a two-year campaign to persuade the government of the benefits of amending the law so that doctors could prescribe cannabis oil, getting the legislation and regulations needed, encouraging local physicians and pharmacists to get on board and sourcing a legal way to import the medicine, this week Dennie Warren Jr was finally able […]

Alan Beasley began researching the medicinal benefits of cannabis after his wife had a brain seizure. Alan Beasley does not appear to be the sort of man to get involved with marijuana. But on Friday the former managing director of BNP Paribas Australia, former director of Goldman Sachs and past president of the Liberal Party’s […]

Milestone Study Shows Dramatic Reduction In Pharmaceutical Reliance Among Canadian Medical Cannabis Patients Canabo Medical Inc. observational study finds nearly fifty per cent drop in benzodiazepine use within months of cannabis treatment TORONTO, ON – (April 7, 2017) – Today, Canabo Medical Inc. (TSXV: CMM) (OTC: CAMDF)… read more at: https://www.newcannabisventures.com/canabo-medical-landmark-observational-study-demonstrates-cannabis-as-effective-substitute-for-benzodiazepine/

Advocates feel it could benefit people will certain medical conditions There has been much debate recently over the legalisation of cannabis oil in Ireland for medicinal purposes. Medicinal cannabis has been shown to benefit people with certain conditions, but there have also been concerns raised about the potential health risks. Jesse Stanley from Colorado is […]