Marine Corps veteran Ed Erdos tried medical marijuana to ease his pain, and found that it also eased his mind. He enrolled with the Health Department’s Office of Medical Cannabis last year in search of relief from the pain and muscle spasms caused by injuries he suffered in a helicopter crash. But along with pain […]

By Brooke Edwards Staggs, The Cannifornian Nearly a year after the Drug Enforcement Administration announced it would allow more organizations to grow cannabis for sanctioned studies, there’s still only one federally authorized cultivator in the United States. The agency has received 25 applications from interested cultivators, according to DEA spokeswoman Katherine Pfaff. All of those […]

Brett Hartmann gives his dog Cayley, a six-year-old Labrador Retriever, drops of a cannabis based medicinal tincture to treat hip pain and anxiety at his home in Los Angeles, California on June 8, 2017. (Credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images) As ever more of the world warms up for cannabis legalization, life on the sidelines can at least […]

Cannabis may be an effective treatment for Tourette syndrome, a new study suggests. Researchers from the University of Toronto found that in 18 of the 19 study participants who used cannabis routinely for at least two years, Tourette’s symptoms were “much improved.” “Several of my patients with Tourette syndrome had noticed that if they used […]

Tens of thousands of people use cannabis in Fresno every day. Hundreds of people work in the cannabis industry, though few will admit it publicly – and for good reason. Cannabis business is booming in Fresno and Fresno County, even though cultivation and retail sales are banned by local ordinances. The biggest pipe dream in […]

As of January 2017, 29 states have legalized medical marijuana. However, marijuana remains a Schedule l substance under the Controlled Substances Act. Substances in Schedule l are determined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to have no medical use, and states that allow the use of marijuana for medical use violate federal law. Although […]

How does cannabis actually affect the human body? Kelly Patchett makes medicinal cannabis products in her Nelson home for her own use to help manage her personal health issues. Every day, Kelly Patchett takes a tub of green cannabis-infused coconut butter down from her pantry.  Sometimes she rubs it directly onto her aching skin. Other times […]

Autism is a developmental disorder that leaves subjects mentality and physically debilitated for life. While symptoms of autism arise in different levels of severity on a case-by-case basis, all autism patients suffer from learning and speech disabilities. These learning and speech incapacities are further manifested in more specified impairments such as social awkwardness, lessened motor […]