Cannabis Studies

In a world first, cannabis-based drugs are being compared to fentanyl as an alternative to breakthrough pain. The clinical trial is being facilitated by Santé Cannabis, an independently credentialed research organization based out of Montreal. The study will compare the effects of cannabinoids produced by Tetra Bio-Pharma, a biopharmaceutical leader in cannabinoid-based drug discovery and development, […]

As the lazy old saw goes, in every stereotype, there is a nugget of truth. Whether or not this is universally true — and it almost certainly is not — there is at least one stoner stereotypes we are not embarrassed to embrace, because it is true: Some television content is only tolerable when high. […]

In an age of self-diagnosis, search engines are flooded with “natural remedies” and homeopathic healing tips. One new trending topic amongst cannabis health and wellness blogs is whether or not the herb successfully quells symptoms of a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction (JHR). Unfortunately, when it comes to using cannabis to treat JHR, the scientific evidence is non-existent. […]

David Bearman, M.D., Executive VP of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine details the research priorities for cannabis, one of the most thoroughly studied plants of all time Cannabis is one of the most thoroughly studied plants of all time. Its documented medical use goes back to the first known material medical, the Ping Ts’ao Ching, […]

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by Wayne Friedman , Staff Writer, 10 hours ago Finally, an answer to getting adults to watch more TV — as well as foster discussion with their kids: Get high. Consuming cannabis enhances family TV viewing, according to a study by Miner and Co. Studio, a media… read more at:

A new study in Canada has found that cannabis is not significantly linked to suicide in psychiatric patients. Researchers from McMaster University released the results of their study earlier this week in the journal Biology of Sex Differences. The researchers’ conclusions note that previous data has suggested a link between cannabis use and suicide in the […]

It has been long considered that cannabis leads to an increase in suicidal behaviour among patients with psychiatric disorders. However, according to the study led by the McMaster University, it is found that there is no significant association between cannabis use and suicidal behaviour in people with psychiatric disorders. The study findings contrasted with pre-existing […]

The study findings contrast with pre-existing data that shows the drug is linked to an increased chance of suicidal behavior in the general population. However, based on a small subset of participants, researchers did note the heaviness of cannabis use increased risk of suicidal behavior in men, suggesting a closer follow-up by medical professionals of […]

STATE HOUSE–Having medical marijuana available to Hoosiers is the goal of Indiana NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). Their efforts have been partly responsible for the general assembly forming a summer study committee on medical cannabis. “They’re promising July or August for this study,” said David Phipps, who describes himself as a […]