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United States Veterans are two times more likely to succumb to accidental overdose, and we’re losing more than 20 of them to suicide every day. But cannabis could help. According to a survey conducted by the American Legion back in 2017, 82 percent of all veterans and caregivers want to have cannabis available as a […]

Even as public opinion shifts in favor of marijuana legalization, with sixty percent of Americans supporting broad legalization and ninety percent supporting medical use, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice (DOJ) continue to stonewall efforts to expand availability of cannabis and cannabis-derived treatments for medical research. In testimony to a Senate Appropriations […]

LEIDEN, The Netherlands – July 11, 2018 ( Newswire) Pioneering cannabis science firm ebbu has released findings from its innovative clinical research into the mood effects of cannabis. These findings were presented this week at the 28th annual conference for the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS), where the world’s foremost cannabis researchers convened to discuss […]

The projected growth of the legal cannabis market is astounding. According to a report from BDS Analytics, the industry is expected to grow from $9.2B to $47.3B in 2027 in North America, with medical cannabis contributing 33% of that overall growth. While this number is impressive for an industry still in its infancy, I have […]

New research provides evidence that cannabis users have a “noisier” brain compared to non-users. The study, published in the scientific journal NeuroImage, found that cannabis users had increased brain activity when at rest. “The cannabis literature has generally focused on changes in brain function when engaged in a task,” said study author Shikha Prashad of […]

Medical marijuana grown the old-fashioned way in a Canadian facility.Credit: Richard Lautens/Getty Legal hurdles to exploring marijuana’s medicinal properties might soon fall in the wake of the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) first approval of a cannabis-derived drug. On 25 June, the FDA announced its approval of Epidiolex — a treatment for epileptic seizures […]

The current chair of Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Chemistry Department will be the new director of the Institute of Cannabis Research. Chad Kinney accepted the position last month. In his current role as director, Kinney is charged with identifying potential expansion opportunities for the institute, including interdisciplinary studies and programs, public-private-government partnerships and collaborations with other […]

On October 20, marijuana will no longer be an illegal drug in Canada—a move that could make it much easier to study how cannabis affects the body and the brain. “Cannabis has risks and maybe benefits,” says M-J Milloy, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use and the University of […]

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