Cannabis Research

The myth that smoking marijuana with tobacco will make users more stoned has been debunked by scientists. Cannabis users across the world have long believed that sprinkling a handful of tobacco in with the herb improves the high. But in the first study of its kind, researchers delving into how both substances interacted when inhaled […]

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After 16 years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, many Americans view post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, and traumatic brain injury, or TBI, as the “signature” wounds of these conflicts. The Department of Veterans Affairs has spent billions of dollars to better understand the symptoms, effects, and treatments for these injuries. But despite advances in […]

“Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off,” said Justin Timberlake in a 2011 interview titled “Why I Smoke Pot.” He continued, “Some people are just better high.” Timberlake said cannabis helped him relax during times when endless responsibilities swirl around in his head, which is a far cry from the stoner stereotype […]

Recreational marijuana use has now been legal in California for six months and counting. On the surface, you’d never know that anything has changed. Since the passing of Prop. 64 in November, there have not been red-eyed, burnout bohemians strewn across the lawns of Griffith Park, nor masses of wasted youth in irreversible states of […]

Ancient Chinese and Persian medical texts — and modern anecdotes — suggest that cannabis is useful for treating seizures. Research has been scant, but a new study of cannabidiol, a molecule in cannabis, has given some credence to these claims. Kids with a severe form of epilepsy had 39 percent fewer seizures per month after […]

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Rashmi Mullur and Ravi Aysola watched helplessly as their infant son seized again in their arms. “There were days where I would hold my son and have that seizure happen 50 times in a row, incessantly, for hours and hours during the day,” said Aysola, a pulmonologist and sleep doctor at UCLA. “All I could […]

By William Stash Jones Oregon Cannabis Connection   The renowned conservative veterans group, The American Legion, has come down on the side of sensible marijuana policy. The group recently made an appeal to the Trump administration to reclassify the plant to make it more readily available for research. Under current law, marijuana is a schedule I […]

Mowgli Holmes’ startup, Phylos Bioscience, will outline the genetic profile of any cannabis plant a customer wants. Kristian Foden-Vencil/OPB Imagine you’re starting your own marijuana farm. First you get land and water rights. Then you’ve got to find the right strain of cannabis. That can involve as much luck as science.  “There’s a lot of legend and laws,” said Mowgli Holmes, […]