Cannabis Research

Tilray is a global leader in medical cannabis research, cultivation, processing and distribution. We aspire to lead, legitimise and define the future of our industry by building the world’s most trusted cannabis company. A proud pioneer, we are the first GMP-certified medical cannabis producer to supply cannabis flower and extract products to tens of thousands of […]

Shutterstock Two recent studies from the journal Prevention Science explored the social effects of smoking pot. Study No. 1 deals with the effects on those who use marijuana before they smoke cigarettes and/or alcohol; Study 2 relates to the effect of marijuana laws on adolescents and young adults. Recent coverage of the studies led to state the researchers “found that increased […]

RECRUITMENT FOR HEALTH-CANADA APPROVED CLINICAL TRIALS UNDERWAY MONTREAL, July 18, 2018 /CNW/ – Santé Cannabis, Quebec’s first specialized medical cannabis clinic and resource centre today announced its expansion to become Canada’s first independently credentialed centre of excellence in cannabis research. As a contract research organization (CRO), Santé Cannabis provides clinical research services to the pharmaceutical, […]

Photo via iStock/ gilaxia Everyone from the heaviest pothead to the most ardent teetotaler knows that smoking weed can give you the munchies, but up until recently, scientific research confirming or denying this anecdotal experience has been slim. The federal prohibition on cannabis has made it extremely difficult for researchers to dig into the method […]

Cannabis has been receiving some serious media attention in 2018, and a rise in medical cannabis research is following. Canada became the second country in the world to legalise it for recreational use, after Uruguay. From a medical standpoint, the first patient in the UK finally succeeded in obtaining a long-term personal license for medical cannabis, […]

Is marijuana helpful for chronic pain? A new study says no, reopening a fierce debate. The research, published in the journal Lancet Public Health looked at a cohort of individuals with chronic, noncancer pain to see if marijuana was an effective treatment. They also examined whether use of marijuana would decrease opioid use, a phenomenon […]

Even as public opinion shifts in favor of marijuana legalization, with sixty percent of Americans supporting broad legalization and ninety percent supporting medical use, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice (DOJ) continue to stonewall efforts to expand availability of cannabis and cannabis-derived treatments for medical research. In testimony to a Senate Appropriations […]

Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf has signed legislation into law to facilitate state-sponsored medical cannabis research. The amended law, House Bill 2477, states: “It is the intention of the General Assembly to create a mechanism whereby this Commonwealth’s medical schools and hospitals may provide advice to grower/processors and dispensaries in the areas of patient health and safety, medical applications […]

Israel has been, for decades, the global leader in medical marijuana research and treatment, with the government funding human clinical trials even as the United States and other countries discouraged or criminalized such studies. Now, a company formed by doctors and nurses involved in some of Israel’s pioneering cannabis research is working to open its first […]