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The Legislature is moving toward adjournment, and although it may be difficult, we are going to make a real run at finishing up by our self-imposed deadline, or at least pretty close to it. There were several positive signs this week, as there were retirement parties and speeches. Also, several major policy bills were either […]


A Braddon-based naturopath is facing a 15-year jail sentence for manufacturing cannabis oil and tincture at his clinic and selling it to dozens of patients.  Police raided the Total Health Clinic, a naturopath, chiropractic and wellness service, in November last year.  A Braddon naturopath faces a 15-year maximum jail sentence for making and selling cannabis oil and tincture from his […]


Photo Credit: Blablo101/ What are the best plants for extracting and making high quality CBD-rich oil? Marijuana, industrial hemp, both? Let’s cut through the legal mumbo jumbo, the obfuscating nomenclature, and the marketing hype and let’s look at what’s really out there for sourcing CBD-rich oil. In the cannabis world there are two types of […]


Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech, commented, “There is a demand for pre-filled vaporizer cartridges among medical cannabis patients who value easy-to-use convenience items. We are already seeing a positive initial response to this product and shipped our first order of 10,000 units to one of our distributors.  Our cartridges are the latest addition to […]

Andy Ashcraft still doesn’t look like a guy with malignant pleural mesothelioma, and especially not one who was diagnosed with the deadly cancer six years ago. He remains an anomaly, a beacon of hope and a testament to cannabis oil, a positive attitude and a belief in God. “My oncologist calls me a mutant,” Andy […]

(Photo credit: David McNew/Getty Images) Coalinga weighs ordinance to transform old prison into marijuana oil facility. The Coalinga City Council is proposing to use the vacant city-owned Claremont Custody Center as a facility for marijuana oil production, as reported by The Fresno Bee. The council voted 4-1 last Wednesday to prepare an ordinance to allow […]

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As we assess what the Georgia General Assembly accomplished in its now-concluded 40-day session, one key bill that didn’t get passed was a missed opportunity to help many in our state: The push to expand availability of a cannabis oil derivative for those who endure seizure disorders. The bill would have allowed for the medicine’s […]

Caption +Jennifer Mulson staff mug Thursday, June 12, 2014. Michael Ciaglo, The Gazette The legalization of marijuana is adding another dimension to massage therapy. At least two local clinics offer cannabis-infused lotions, creams and oils during massages in place of the usual offerings. Rian Gufarotti and Zebrina Piper, co-owners of Natural Therapeutics Massage and Wellness, […]

A British pharmaceutical company said a study shows that a cannabis-based drug may dramatically reduce seizures in patients with a specific type of epilepsy. Cannabis oil has been used to treat children with epilepsy for years in the state of Colorado, where marijuana is legal. CCTV America’s Hendrik Sybrandy reports from Denver. It’s been a […]

A little boy whose body has been racked with seizures up to 20 times a day since he was five months old has been seizure free for three months following his mother’s move to the US for cannabis oil treatment. Last year the Irish Examiner highlighted Yvonne Cahalane, from Dunmanway in West Cork, and her […]


A baby ate a cannabis oil capsule while her father was in the kitchen with his friends bagging up methamphetamine, a court has heard. Photo / iStock A baby ate a cannabis oil capsule while her father was in the kitchen with his friends bagging up methamphetamine, a court has heard. The 11-month-old’s young mother […]