Cannabis Clinical Trials

Only four days before the official summer solstice, the air is hot and heavy, the sky cloudless. The road along the highway is spotted with shrubbery, gas stations, and occasionally vast rows of crop, somehow withstanding, even thriving under the tenacious desert sun.  Driving south from Tel Aviv along Ayalon Highway, the scenery looks almost […]

Want to drop some weight? To lighten up, the key may be lighting up. Teetering on the line between taboo and total acceptance, marijuana has finally penetrated the fitness community, owing to benefits beyond the celebrated side effect of just getting high. Medical research has revealed other effects of smoking weed that can actually contribute […]

Flickr @ Mark Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (or ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, as it is more commonly known) has gained media and public popularity all over the world. ALS is a fatal, progressive neurodegenerative condition that occurs as a result of selective loss of motor neurons in the brain […]

Could medical marijuana treat Alzheimer’s patients? One recent study found THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, stimulates the removal of toxic plaque in the brain, a common feature of the disease. Furthermore, the researchers discovered it blocks inflammation, which damages neurons in the brain. “It is reasonable to conclude that there is a therapeutic potential […]

NSW children suffering severe, debilitating and treatment-resistant epilepsy will soon be able to access medicinal cannabis as part of an Australian-first clinical trial. The experimental, cannabis-based Epidiolex drug will be delivered through the Sydney Children’s Hospital to an initial group of 40 NSW families in need, with the hope of expanding the trial to hundreds […]

Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, is a serious condition usually caused by an external blow to the head that can cause severe and often chronic symptoms. These symptoms can be cognitive, behavioral, movement related, speech and visual impairing, mood altering, involve painful headaches, and even cause gastrointestinal issues. Each year in just the U.S., nearly […]