Vaping: Youth at risk

As high school and college students return to class, parents need to talk to their children about the health hazards of vaping, an increasingly popular form of nicotine consumption using e-cigarettes and other devices.

Statistics show vaping increased in parallel with a decrease in smoking. The increase in vaping numbers is not due entirely to smokers trying to quit but points to new nicotine users among teens.

To help combat this epidemic in Ohio, on July 18, Gov. Mike DeWine signed the state’s budget, immediately raising the age limit for the purchase of tobacco and vaping devices to 21 from 18. DeWine vetoed a line item that would grandfather individuals aged 18-20 prior to Oct. 1. Federal legislation has been proposed that would add an online sales tax.

Last year the Centers for Disease Control estimated “3.6 million U.S. middle school and high school students used e-cigarettes,” a demographic representing “4.9 percent of

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