Vaping lung illness: What we know about the recent spate of cases and deaths


Juul dominated the e-cigarette industry, prompting the FDA to call teen vaping an “epidemic.” What does vaping do to your body? We explain.
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At least 450 people, mostly young men, have been sickened and at least six people died due to lung illnesses that state and federal investigators have linked to electronic devices used to vape nicotine and cannabis-based products. 

Federal and state investigators said last week one of the most common threads in reported cases of the “severe pulmonary disease” was street-purchased tetrahydrocannabinol or THC oil from marijuana that contained vitamin E acetate.

But investigations are ongoing and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised even adults to “consider not using e-cigarettes” as they investigate the illnesses. Those who continue to use the products should monitor themselves for symptoms including cough, shortness of breath and nausea

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