Smellin’ Lemons: Unlocking the Potential of Citrus-Scented Cannabis

A recent study at the University of Toronto found that memories about space and time merge in an area of the brain that is important for the sense of smell, known as the anterior olfactory nucleus.

“When these elements combine, a what-when-where memory is formed,” says Afif Aqrabawl, a PhD candidate in the Department of Cell Systems Biology, and lead author of the study. “This is why, for example, you might have the ability to remember the smell of a lover’s perfume (the what) when you reminisce about your first kiss (the when and where).”

Given the impact that smell seems to have on the brain, you might wonder how you can harness aromas to influence your thoughts and feelings.

According to research, citrus smells appear to have a notable influence on how we function. A Japanese

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