Zelda Therapeutics achieves patient milestone in autism treatment cannabis study

Zelda Therapeutics Ltd (ASX:ZLD, FRA:G1G, OTCMKTS:ZLDAF) has enrolled a milestone 100th patient in a behavioural study evaluating its medicinal cannabis treatment in children on the autism spectrum.

The observational study at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) now has 103 enrolled patients whose parents are reporting on the behavioural outcomes of cannabis treatments delivered in the study.

Kids in Zelda’s study are aged about 10 years old, diagnosed with autism and range in autism levels from classifications of low to medium or high-level severity.

A number of cannabis treatments are being trialled, one being THC-only, the other CBD-only or combinations of both — with a variety of dosings being studied.

Parents of the children are observing their kids’ behaviour for the study and are finding improvements.

The extent of the improvements depends on the type of treatment and dosings a child is administered.

Zelda managing director Dr Richard Hopkins reported today: “We’re very encouraged

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