Cannabinoids in pharma series: challenges of working with cannabinoids

This series investigates cannabinoids and pharmaceutical interest with industry experts explaining the position of the ingredient. In this second piece, we discuss the challenges, legal implications and perceptions of cannabinoids.

Although a promising industry, getting cannabinoids from research to market can be problematic. Challenges range from investment to legal obstacles and public perception surrounding cannabinoids. Our first piece investigated cannabinoids on the market today and here we expand on the complexities of this side of pharma.

European Pharmaceutical Review’s Victoria Rees talked to Alex Wasyl, CEO of Nexien BioPharma (NXEN), Dr Guy Chamberland, CEO and CSO of Tetra Bio-Pharma (TBP) and Anthony Kievid, Director of Business Development at Echo Pharmaceuticals (ECHO) to learn more about navigating the challenges of cannabinoids.

Challenges of cannabinoids

There are a range of complexities to consider when developing cannabinoids in the pharmaceutical

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