Mum arrested for treating daughter’s cancer with cannabis oil

A US mother has been arrested after refusing cancer treatment for her 13-year-old daughter, turning instead to cannabis oil and naturopathy, which she claims shrunk her daughter’s tumour when chemotherapy couldn’t.

Oregon teen Kylee Dixon was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of liver cancer in February 2018, and underwent six months of chemotherapy and other procedures in the following six months.

But in June of the same year her mother, Christina, took her home and refused further hospital treatment, instead turning to a regime of seven ‘natural remedies’ including vitamins, herbs and cannabis oil in the hopes of curing her daughter.

Christina Dixon has been arrested after refusing cancer treatment for her teen daughter, Kylee. (Facebook)

Though Christina claims the treatment shrunk her daughter’s tumour, medical authorities were concerned about Kylee’s wellbeing as her mother continued to refuse her daughter traditional cancer treatment.

Earlier this year, the Oregon Department of

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