Israeli Cannabis Outfit Cannbit Launches Cancer Study

Tel-Aviv listed cannabis producer Cannbit Ltd. is launching a study to test a cannabis-based treatment for three aggressive types of cancer, Cannbit announced in a filing to the exchange Thursday. The study will be led by cannabis research pioneer Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who chairs Cannbit’s scientific advisory committee. Hadassah University Hospital-Ein Kerem and Sheba Medical Center will collaborate on the study.


Mechoulam, a professor of medicinal chemistry at the Hebrew University, was the first person to identify the main psychoactive constituent in cannabis, THC. Cannbit has a first look agreement for all his research following his appointment to the company. Cannbit will invest $400,000 in the study, plus another $2 million towards a commercial drug license.


Raphael Mechoulam. Photo: Amit Shabi Raphael Mechoulam. Photo: Amit Shabi



In return, Cannbit will

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