CBD salves sharing shelves with mud masks in Canon City

CANON CITY — A local herbalist views cannabis as she would any other herb: a natural gift from the earth to be used for its healing properties.

Lisa Scheerer, chief executive officer and creative alchemist for Alise Body Care, has just introduced two new CBD oil infused salves to her line of 50 products. The CBD salves are designed to give relief to aching muscles.

Each two ounce jar of muscle therapy salve contains 500 milligrams of CBD oil from hemp — the non-THC version of cannabis. The organic “whole plant” CBD oil is supplied by local Fremont County growers — and when infused with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, the salve offers pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, Scheerer said. It is available in wintergreen and clove versions.

“People still are coming along getting to understand more of what cannabis is and it has a lot of healing power,”

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