Dozens of Young People Hospitalized for Breathing and Lung Problems After Vaping

The Wisconsin health officials also said that patients reported using open-tank systems and devices with interchangeable cartridges. Open systems allow users to concoct their own brews of vaping liquids, if they want.

Dr. Emily Chapman, chief medical officer for the Children’s Minnesota hospital system, said that in the last month or so, it had treated four cases of acute, severe lung damage — including respiratory failure — in teenagers who had been vaping. Although the hospitals’ patients have each shown improvement, Dr. Chapman said, it’s not clear if they will fully recover.

She also noted that investigating a teenager’s vaping patterns can be tricky.

“The risk here is that if people are presenting to hospital emergency rooms, or urgent cares, they either may not think of vaping as something that is threatening and may not include it in their history,” Dr. Chapman said. “Or if

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