Cannabinoids in pharma series: cannabinoids on the market today

This series investigates the growing interest from the pharmaceutical industry in cannabinoids. In this first piece, we hear from industry experts about the current situation of the ingredient on the pharmaceutical market.

Cannabinoids are increasingly gaining interest from the pharmaceutical industry. With new laws and regulations relating to cannabinoids being made, the shape of this industry is constantly evolving.

Victoria Rees, Junior Editor of European Pharmaceutical Review, spoke with Alex Wasyl, CEO and CSO of Nexien BioPharma (NXEN), Dr Guy Chamberland, CEO of Tetra Bio-Pharma (TBP) and Anthony Kievid, Director of Business Development at Echo Pharmaceuticals (ECTE) to learn more about cannabinoid pharmaceuticals.

History of cannabinoids

Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes historically. Wasyl explains that this extends back to the original medication Dronabinol, which went by the brand name Marinol, a bioidentical form of the

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