Study finds more Hispanics than non-Hispanics view cannabis as beneficial

Only half of the Cannabis Campaigners say they use marijuana. But members of this group believe legalization is good for the economy generally, is a potential source of tax revenue, and that marijuana consumption should be normalized (like alcohol use).

Similarly, Hispanics are 30 percent more likely than the average cannabis consumer to belong to a group that actively promotes legalizing cannabis, and 49 percent more likely to purchase clothing and accessories showing their support of cannabis and of legalization.

Hispanic millennials are one of the most likely demographic groups to be Cannabis Campaigners; they’re 75 percent more likely than the average American to fall into that activist, informed category.

Hispanics’ attitudes toward cannabis in part reflect that the Hispanic market is younger than the non-Hispanic market. Median age of the U.S. Hispanic population is 29.5, versus 40.6 for the non-Hispanic population, according to the Census Bureau.

Attitudes regarding cannabis tend to be closer among

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