Dispelling Cannabis Candy Myths for Patients in Quebec

Vigiano is the attending physician and associate professor at McGill in oncology and palliative care at the MUHC, and director of the Cancer Rehabilitation Program and the McGill Nutrition and Performance Laboratory.

Also an expert on medical cannabis as appointed by the Court of Quebec, and the Research Director at Santé Cannabis, Vigiano is the principal investigator on the Quebec Cannabis Registry (QCR) Study, which will finally provide data on 3,000 patients using cannabis.

While the CAQ Health and Social Services Minister Lionel Carmant’s proposed ban on candies, cookies, gummies, and also topical creams was aimed at minimizing “harm to the public,” Vigiano said that there wasn’t enough oversight with these recreational products to begin with.

In a phone call with Leafly, Vigiano argued that there is a lot of confusion between both the recreational and

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