American Bar Association Tells Feds: Let States Legalize Cannabis

This week the influential American Bar Association (ABA) took a bold and strikingly impassioned stance on cannabis reform.

On Monday, during the group’s annual meeting in San Francisco, the ABA’s House of Delegates passed a resolution—without any vocal opposition—that urges Congress to end the draconian federal laws that have created nothing short of a “regulatory quagmire” for states where cannabis is legal.

And they put together a plan to fix the broken system.

Their proposal, which consists of three recommendations, revolves around removing cannabis from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act. While Stephen Saltzburg, who spoke in favor of Resolution 104 during the meeting in San Francisco, claimed that the organization neither “endorses nor condemns” cannabis legalization, the resolution would, if enacted, go a long way towards helping the industry grow, legally.

“The reason I think this is significant is because the ABA is traditionally so conservative,” Keith Stroup,

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