State cracking down on CBD edibles

You see it advertised everywhere: local shops, pharmacies, convenience stores, even gas stations. It can come in an oil extract, or be part of topical salves, inside prepackaged treats for people and pets, or in some instances, added to your latte at a local restaurant.

In recent years, cannabidiol has become ubiquitous, as more and more businesses jumped on the CBD train and the benefits of the hemp-derived compound became better known. The naturally occurring cannabinoid is used to promote relaxation and better sleep, reduce anxiety, inflammation and pain, and, unlike the marijuana compound tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, does so without getting the user high.

But, thanks to policy statements released at the federal and state levels, that train of unfettered sales appears to be in danger of derailment.

In June, the state Department of Agricultural Resources released a policy statement banning the sales of several hemp products, including any food products containing CBD,

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