Israel specializes foreign doctors in medicinal cannabis

 Considered the most advanced center of research for medicinal cannabis in the world, Israel opens its doors in welcome of foreign doctors. The government has launched the first nonnative specialization course. If spots are filled quickly, classes are due for an early start in November, if not, in January. 
“We want to transform students into new teachers so that information can exponentially spread throughout the world,” says Yuval Lanschaft, 57, director of the IMCA (Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency), a branch of the country’s Department of Health. He was a health reform architect for medical cannabis to be regularized in 2018.

According Lanschaft, “the doctors need to know the mechanism action of CBD (the therapeutically substance of Cannabis) in the body. Only with specific information, they are able to recognize patients with indication for therapy and prescribe medication.

The event consists of a five day immersion course. Each with an

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