Women with Endometriosis in Canada and Israel Invited to Join Survey on Cannabis Use

As part of the lead-up to a pioneering trial into a formulation of cannabis that might treat endometriosis, patients in Canada and Israel are being asked to take part in an anonymous survey of their cannabis use in addressing disease symptoms.

The questionnaire, released by Strainprint Technologies of Canada along with Israel’s Gynica and Lumir Lab, aims to reach about 1,000 patients from each country, and will be followed by invitations to participants to join the clinical investigation.

Along with Strainprint’s database of patient-reported outcomes among those who use cannabis for endometriosis, survey results will be used to develop a lead cannabis-based treatment candidate, which must then be validated in the trial. Specifically, the goal is to identify which active cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, and in what combination, offer the most effective pain relief and help to prevent reoccurrence.

Developed by Gynica, the study protocol will

... read more at: https://endometriosisnews.com/2019/08/09/strainprint-and-gynica-launch-patient-survey-cannabis-use-in-preparation-for-clinical-trial/


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