The Medical Cannabis Industry Continues its Spread Around the Globe

NEW YORK, Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The cannabis industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing global industries due to its widespread adoption. While cannabis is still monitored under international regulations, many countries have either legalized or decriminalized the plant, which has heavily accelerated the industry’s growth. Moreover, industry experts also believe that increasing advancements in genetic development, as well as the intellectual property of cannabis, is further driving the market. In particular, countries such as the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany, and Colombia are experiencing overwhelming growth. And specifically, most countries are legalizing cannabis for medical applications because of the multitude of therapeutic benefits that have been associated with cannabis. Researchers have unraveled that the cannabinoids prevalent within cannabis buds have medical benefits. And while cannabis is currently not an approved treatment for either cancer or chronic pain it is approved in several

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