Researchers Unlock What Gives Cannabis its Anti-Inflammatory Qualities

A new study deciphers for the first time the cannabis plant’s biological blueprint for producing two molecules thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, a discovery that could pave the way for expanded use of cannabis as medicine.

That study, which is published in the August 2019 issue of the journal Phytochemistry delineates for the first time the biosynthesis pathway outside of the actual cannabis sativa plant that allows reproduction of the molecules cannflavin A and cannflavin B.

Those cannflavins belong to the class of plant flavonoids, plant chemicals found in almost all fruits and vegetables, known as flavones, which occur in several plant lineages.

The study shows the medicinal versatility of the cannabis plant: Beyond the intoxicating ingredient THC and therapeutic oils that often contain cannabidiol (CBD), there exist many other

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