GB Sciences Prepares To Launch New Products In Louisiana With Educational Seminars For Doctors And Pharmacists

John Davis, President of GB Sciences Louisiana, said, “Physicians and pharmacists will be prepared to counsel patients with up-to-date information on therapeutic cannabis. We want to help healthcare professionals understand the potency of our formulations, how to best recommend our products and the evidence-based approach that influenced and supports their design and use.”

Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, Chief Science Officer and Director of GB Sciences, will present randomized, placebo-controlled, human clinical trial data to illustrate the safety and potential efficacy of medical cannabis-based therapies for approved medical conditions in Louisiana. The seminars also include a tutorial on the recommended usage and dosing of GB Sciences Louisiana’s new medical cannabis products.

“We recommend that patients start with low doses of cannabis-based products and then gradually increase doses over time until they achieve their desired level of relief,” explains Dr. Small-Howard. “Even though human clinical trial data that supports the use of

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