This cannabis spray can help with cannabis addiction

A recent study is causing quite a divide in the medical community. Published in JAMA Internal Medicine this week, the study looked at treating cannabis addiction with nabiximol, a cannabis-derived pharmaceutical spray that contains THC and CBD.

The study examined the cannabis consumption habits of 128 participants over a 12 week period, where they were asked to medicate with an oral spray and self-record their cannabis intake. The double-blind study gave half the participants a placebo, and the other half a nabiximol spray containing a maximum daily dose of 86.4 mg THC and 80 mg of CBD.

The study had positive results, showing that those in the placebo group reported using ‘significantly’ more cannabis than those in the nabiximol group. The results framed their conclusion that a cannabinoid agonist treatment, in this case nabiximol, would be a safe treatment for those seeking help with cannabis dependency.

Doctors are skeptical that nabiximol

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