There’s Now a Tongue Spray to Help You Stop Smoking Weed

Kick the Habit

Cannabis is one of the most commonly used illicit drugs in the world. But despite its ubiquity, there’s little in the way of help for users who become dependent on the drug.

That might be changing, though, as a team of Australian researchers recently tested the ability of nabiximols, a THC– and CBD-containing cannabis extract currently approved to treat multiple sclerosis symptoms, to help people battling cannabis dependence step away from the spliff. The upshot: it seems to help.

Out of Control

Let’s put aside the assertions of your college roommate who insisted that weed isn’t addictive. Really, anything can be addictive, and according to Bernard Le Foll, the head of translational addiction research at Toronto’s Center for Addiction and Mental Health, marijuana is no exception.

“There is no doubt that cannabis is

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