State rep seeks safety study of medical marijuana

OKLAHOMA CITY — Concerned about methamphetamine-tainted marijuana, an Arcadia lawmaker wants to hold an interim study at the Capitol later this year to discuss the safety of the state’s year-old medical marijuana program.

State Rep. Lewis Moore, R-Arcadia, said he’s requested the study called “Stopping ‘Reefer Madness’ from harming Oklahoma!” because some Edmond residents have been injured from the tainted marijuana products.

He said the state’s voter-approved medical marijuana program borders on full recreational legalization and wants to ensure the product is tested and safe for consumers. Moore said he’s also worried about illegal marijuana continuing to come into the state.

“Where are we on the testing of the product and the supply, and are we buying it from California and other places?” he asked. “If something like that is really hurting our people, do we have a mechanism for an emergency stop?”


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