CU Boulder professor launches online course on cannabis

Research has shown that cannabis has some benefits, but users often have to swim through the murky waters of websites, dispensaries and social media to find the most accurate and consistent information.

A University of Colorado Boulder psychology professor is hoping to change that with a series of courses available online.

Kent Hutchison, who also founded the Center for Research and Education Addressing Cannabis and Health at CU Boulder, said the idea came to him after seeing his mother and others struggle to find consistent information about cannabis.

Hutchison’s mother had chronic pain for decades and came to Colorado in 2014 to see if cannabis would help. She went from dispensary to dispensary, receiving different and often conflicting advice on using cannabis.

“People shouldn’t be flying blind when it comes to using cannabis,” he said. “… There’s got to be a better way of not having people having to figure it out.”

And so Hutchison

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