[BAY DSJ Hash-Oil Lab, 9,000 Cannabis Plants Discovered at Illegal Grow

A large-scale marijuana grow and a hash oil lab were discovered Friday morning by inspectors following up at a Sonoma County site that had previous violations.

A hazardous materials team was called after the county officials, authorized by an inspection warrant, found the hash oil lab and more than 9,000 unpermitted marijuana plants at the property on Butler Avenue, Sonoma County officials said.

Permit Sonoma inspectors, assisted by the sheriff’s office, arrived about 8:30 a.m. at the 5-acre site.

The inspectors were following up to a previous inspection in February 2018. There was no cannabis cultivation at that time, but the property had previously been cited for code violations for unpermitted greenhouses, cargo containers and cannabis cultivation, officials said.

After the hash oil lab and the marijuana plants were found Friday, the county’s hazmat team arrived

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