The bar must not be lowered for medical cannabis

cannabis euopa conference

Source: Nigel Praities / The Pharmaceutical Journal

Calls have been made to lower the regulatory bar for medical cannabis, but this represents a slippery slope that we all must be wary of

It was a very smart event, held in an auditorium on the south bank of the Thames, within sight of the Houses of Parliament. In a packed hall, a few thousand young industry executives in suits typed furiously on their tablets, watched a series of presenters — including well-known politicians and the Maltese prime minister — and then later networked over poached salmon, chicken salad and sparkling wine.

One session even featured Sir Norman Lamb, former health minister, sitting on a panel of experts chaired by the BBC’s Andrew Neil. Surrounded on stage by giant letters spelling out the words ‘Cannabis Europa’, Sir Norman called for looser regulation for medical cannabis products, arguing that “we will

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