A Forsyth County company has teamed with a national leader in the cannabis industry

A Forsyth County company vying for one of the state’s few
licenses to distribute and produce low-THC oil is teaming with a major player
in the cannabis industry.

Officials with Compass Neuroceutical, Inc. announced this
week it has teamed with Acreage Holdings – “the largest vertically integrated,
multi-state owner of cannabis licenses and assets in the U.S.” – to form a
Georgia-based subsidiary Acreage Compass, LLC.

“Because our team is from the state of Georgia and we
believe in this endeavor, we chose to take the risk, before the law passed, of
pulling capital, resources and manpower,” said Justin Hawkins, CEO of Compass
Neuroceutical. “Therefore, we had a responsibility to seek out a partner that
aligned with the values of ‘patients come first.’”

Hawkins said that some of the reasons the company wanted to
partner with Acreage were they are the largest multi-state operator in the
country, it created a system of “significant

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