How MediPharm Labs Is Preparing For The Future of Cannabis

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With big changes to the world of legal cannabis imminent, demand for high-quality purified cannabis concentrates has never been higher. But how does a company stand out in the increasingly crowded marketplace? 

MediPharm offers an example. The company specializes in purified, pharma-grade cannabis oil and cannabis concentrates, and they’re midway through a big year. In April, they announced the formation of a Science Advisory Committee, a group of expert scientists, researchers and medical professionals who will advise the management team.

We spoke with MediPharm about the Science Advisory Committee, the steps they’re taking to be ready for the next stages of cannabis legalization, and the future of the cannabis industry.

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How long did it take for MediPharm to assemble its Science Advisory Committee? How will the SAC affect the way MediPharm operates?

Pat McCutcheon began formally working on the MediPharm Labs business

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