Scottish mother spent thousands on trips to illegally get cannabis oil to treat son’s epilepsy

In an emotional interview with BBC Disclosure, mother and former police officer Lisa Quarrell talks about how she smuggled cannabis oil from the Netherlands to Scotland in hopes of improving her son’s health and quality of life.

Quarrell has spent thousands of dollars and risked criminal charges in order to help her son, Cole, who has severe epilepsy. He has had brain surgery and suffers from debilitating seizures, sometimes up to 16 seizures in a day. Just six years old, he has tried many pharmaceutical medications to help control the seizures, but to no effect.

Quarrell quit the police service to care for her son when he was born and has been very open about how difficult her decision was to start smuggling cannabis oil to provide to her son.

“I’ve just walked through the airport and seen police officers I used to work with, knowing that I’m about

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