Marijuana as treatment for prostate cancer – Regina Leader

Recently there has been an interest in prostate cancer and treatment with cannabis. I have treated men with prostate cancer for over 35 years. I have personally been treated for prostate cancer. Therefore any article regarding this disease and any potential treatments are very interesting to me.

At this time we are able to treat local cancer of the prostate with an attempt to cure. Initially, we treat local cancer with radical surgery, external radiation therapy, radiation seeds, cryotherapy or laser therapy. Metastatic cancer cannot be cured, but usually can be controlled for years. This is usually initially treated with hormone deprivation therapy. When this is no longer effective and treatment is still indicated, we resort to chemotherapy.

Nonsurgical cancer therapy requires a treatment specific to the cancer cells, a good delivery system and targeting of the agent to the cancer cells to ensure adequate absorption, a high enough dosage to treat

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