Startup HATH Supplements Explains Why Proactive Use Is The Next Frontier For CBD

While many brands entering the CBD space are focused on elevating the ingredient beyond its associations with cannabis and into a luxury product, HATH is focused on accessibility. With a welcoming aesthetic and price point below many competitors, the brand seems positioned to scale and enter the grocery or drug store space in markets beyond New York and West Coast metropolises. Its delivery system—thus far, capsules and transdermal patches—are familiar to anyone who has taken a supplement or dealt with general pain. Rather than focus solely on relaxation and pain relief, however, HATH also offers day capsule, designed for busy consumers seeking a high-functioning supplement.

PSFK spoke to HATH co-founder Kelley Ireland-Kelly about the importance of education and transparency in a developing market, and strategies for future-proofing amidst an industry whose regulations are in near constant flux.

PSFK: Tell me about HATH

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