Norfolk law firm aims to help marijuana entrepreneurs – Virginian

It’s a new day for marijuana businesses in Virginia, and attorneys at one Hampton Roads law firm are certain of one thing: These entrepreneurs will need legal help.

“There are number of uncertainties, but there’s a growing interest both from business and from consumers in these products,” said Anne Bibeau, partner at Vandeventer Black in Norfolk. “And as a result, you see these businesses popping up all over the state, and they need legal guidance.”

Vandeventer Black said in a June 4 news release it had formed a new hemp and medical marijuana law practice. As the laws around cannabis struggle to keep up with the industry, attorneys at the firm say they know companies are going to be caught in the crossfire.

According to the attorneys, laws around growing and possessing cannabis products are complex and ever changing. First, some weed etymology — marijuana is a psychoactive drug made from dried flowers of the

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