Bill Blair announces $24.5 million in funding for cannabis research

 On Wednesday (May 22), Canada’s point man on legalization Bill Blair met with researchers at the University of Calgary to announce a swell in funding for cannabis research.

The minister of organized crime reduction and former Toronto police chief says $24.5 million from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research is allotted to studying cannabis use and its effects.

“That research across the country is going to help Canadians make healthier, safer choices, it’s going to help our kids,” Blair told reporters.

The money will finance 26 projects across the country, including over $500,000 allocated to the research department at the university where the announcement was made.

Dr. Rebecca Haines-Saah, an assistant professor at U of C, will head the project and says her institution’s studies seek to explore the role of cannabis in treating migraines and hyperemesis, as well as various youth harm reduction methods.

“We’ve known for some

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