Meet the woman raising cannabis to a higher medical standard

As marijuana becomes increasingly legal worldwide—it’s now medically approved in 35 countries—the Prague-based International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI), which Steph Sherer cofounded in 2015, is ensuring that medical cannabis products are effective, safe, and consistent. “People are making claims without going through a scientific process,” Sherer says. “They’re taking general clinical trial data and linking it to what they’re selling.” The organization has three focus areas: government relations (working with countries, the UN, and the WHO to help them regulate medical cannabis), biomedical services (developing and running clinical trials and quality tests), and plant science (helping growers genetically monitor, analyze, and refine their crops). ICCI is currently working with more than 250 companies in biotech, agriculture, nutrition, and more to test and develop products. Last year, ICCI developed six proprietary screening technologies, including a metabolic scanner and an AI program that helps growers establish uniform cannabinoid content across

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