First clinical trials into medicinal cannabis use for UK’s children could begin this year – Cambridgeshire Live

The UK’s first clinical trials to prescribe medicinal cannabis for children could be underway by the end of the year.

A leading authority on epilepsy has concluded that the plant-based medicine proved hugely beneficial to 13-year-old epilepsy patient Billy Caldwell.

The move comes almost a year after the Home Office confiscated Billy’s medication at Heathrow airport last June, a month after a GP was ordered to stop writing prescriptions for him.

In the last 12 months his mum Charlotte has been continuing her work to have the plant-based medicine made available on the NHS at the point of need.

This week saw a major breakthrough following a meeting with leading childhood epilepsy expert at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, Professor Helen Cross, BelfastLive reports.

Prof Cross says Billy’s two and a half years using the medical cannabis has proved hugely beneficial to his health.

Now talks are underway about setting up clinical

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