Meet the experts judging the home remedies on ‘Medicine or Myth?’

The expressions on the judges’ faces on new SBS factual reality series Medicine or Myth? say it all. Amazement when a contributor tells them hemp kombucha cured his type 2 diabetes, queasiness when another says maggot tea treated her acne. But the running theme is to keep an open mind about whether such alternative remedies may be able to complement modern medicine and potentially help others.

Whatever home remedy they are faced with, no matter how weird, the panel of medical experts treats each contributor with keen enquiry, compassion and respect. Along the way, they use their combined decades of experience to inform us on everything from endometriosis to body odour as they decide which remedies will receive a clinical trial to test their efficacy.

They may not always agree, but the judges prove to be a warm, pragmatic, irreverent and encouraging bunch (not to mention enthusiastic and mostly willing guinea pigs) that

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