CBD campaigner joins Nottingham company to help it launch cannabis oil products

A mum who helped change the law on medical cannabis has commissioned a Nottinghamshire company to produce an organic, pharmaceutical-grade CBD product.

Charlotte Caldwell says cannabis oil reduced the number of life-threatening epileptic seizures suffered by her son Billy, 13, but she had the item confiscated at Heathrow Airport. The situation convinced Home Secretary Sajid Javid to legalise its use in some cases.

Now Ms Caldwell wants Nottingham-based The Cannabis Oil Company (TCOC), which is in a joint venture with pharmaceutical supplier IPS Specials, to create an off-the-shelf product which can treat people like her son.

The campaigner, from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, said: “This is about improving the financial wellbeing of our NHS and the wellbeing of the people of our nation who believe in or have experienced the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol).

“I am no clinician, but having spent virtually every waking hour for a decade or more

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