Alison Mau: Family First is trying to scare you – don’t fall for it

OPINION: Here in the media, we love ‘balance.’ It shows we’re being fair and serves the public well enough most of the time – unless the subject is science.

Presenting both ‘sides’ on issues that only have one (the science one) is in part how we ended up with anti-vaxxers, and it infuriates the scientific community. As one cannabis researcher at Columbia University gnashed recently, “in science it doesn’t work that way.”

So, it would be great to be able to ignore Bob McCoskrie’s​ latest stab at relevance. I wish I could.

Next year we’ll all get the chance to vote on cannabis law reform in a referendum, so we’ll be talking a lot about the subject in the coming months.

Drug driving is dangerous – but how are we going to tackle it?

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