Study debunks claims against cannabis retail

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Reefer madness has always cast marijuana street dealers in a negative light. Today, in the state-legalization era, prohibitionists continue to besmear the reputation of legitimate cannabis retailers.

Logic faces an uphill battle against fear, lacking enough history and solid data to fully disprove the phony allegations.

However, a new study, ‘Special Report: Debunking Dispensary Myths,’ is weighing in on that front. It concludes, “Despite the fears of those who want to ban cannabis stores, the published research finds that legal retailers are safe, responsible neighbors.”

Journalist David Downs is coauthor of the report with Bruce Barcott, at, along with Dominic Corva, Ph.D.

Review of 42 studies eases concerns

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This literature review, published by, shows that establishing licensed cannabis retail outlets do not have negative local

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