How and Why Cannabis is a Safe Alternative to Opioids for Pain Relief

In the face of a devastating epidemic, the pain conversation is changing.

The impact of opioid abuse has a ripple effect that extends throughout society. From the individual to the global economy, drug abuse spares no expense. Nor does it discriminate. Opioid abuse is prevalent in demographics across the board: rich or poor, people of color or white, secular or religious — everybody is affected by the losing battle we’re waging against opioids.

Cristina Alfonso-Zea joined the United States Army and embarked upon a personal journey that took her down a very dark path. Alfonso-Zea was injured during basic training and sustained further injuries while deployed overseas. Throughout her service, Alfonzo-Zea was prescribed opioids to relieve pain for injuries she sustained as a result of the tough nature of a soldier’s job. By the time she was released from the Army, Alfonzo-Zea had developed a dependency on prescription pain drugs.

“As soon as

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