Floraplex CEO Alec Riffle Talks Terpene Blends, Brewing, and More

This article is sponsored by Floraplex Terpenes, offering botanically derived terpenes and terpene blends to individuals and businesses alike.

While terpenes have been a subject of conversation in cannabis circles for some time, these aromatic molecules have recently been garnering mainstream attention. With consumers starting to better understand terpenes, companies are working to incorporate them into a growing variety of products, cannabis related and otherwise.

That’s where Floraplex Terpenes comes in, providing customers around the world with quality terpene isolates, as well as terpene blends designed to replicate the aromas and flavors of popular cannabis strains. We sat down with Floraplex CEO Alec Riffle to discuss how his team develops their flavorful terpene blends, what sort of trends they are seeing in the industry, and what the future holds.

Floraplex Gelato Terpenes
(Courtesy of Floraplex)

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