Billy Caldwell life at risk again as Belfast Trust goes quiet on prescription hopes

A year after Billy Caldwell’s GP was barred from prescribing him medicinal cannabis, the youngster is facing another crisis.

The 13-year-old, whose case helped persuade the Home Secretary to change the law on the drug last year, has just nine days’ supply of meds left.

And despite world-renowned Great Ormond Street specialist Professor Helen Cross advising that Billy should be prescribed the medicine, she has had no response from the Trust.

His mum Charlotte Caldwell said the lack of action as Billy’s prescriptions starts to run out, is “cruel and unfair”.

She understands another child in Northern Ireland has the prescription and a second is getting the plant-based medicine on the NHS in England.

Charlotte, from Castlederg, Co Tyrone, said: “Billy is running out of time and we’re heading to a crisis.

“I’ve tried to be dignified and

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